• Sunpatiens
  • Primula Primabella
  • Dipladenia Beauty
  • Argyranthemum Grandaisy

Gruppo Padana- Production of young plants from seeds and cuttings

  • Mini suitable for high density Advised pot: 6.5-10

  • S.S Leopardo F1 Heat tolerant large flower varietyFast and early flowering

  • New Serie :Sansone Smart More globular growth and more compact than Sansone. Excellent branching and numerous small leaves. Early flowering, simple or semi double flowers with very strong colors.

  • Bermuda pelargoniums Bermuda is an imperial pelargoniums (macrantha) which are noticeable with their unique perfectly symmetric form of flower with white center. Fast grow Excellent branching Early flowering Once used as internal plant , they can be transplanted outside to experience their all summer flowering.

  • Trendy Poinsettia, ideal for november Pure attactive colours

  • Acapulco Ornamental pepper Excellent shelf kept and excellent presentation of product thanks to its bright and attractive range of colors . Growth: compact Fruit length 4 cmPlant height 15 cm

Gruppo Padana

Gruppo PADANA, the world of seedlings

Since 1988, when Giorgio and Paolo Gazzola took over a large part of the property with 8,500 m² of greenhouses from their father Albino, the company has never ceased to develop and increase the covered area and its sales organization.

Success has come due to a professional approach which provides on the one hand an excellent quality product and on the other great attention to customers' needs with punctual deliveries and competitive prices.

In 2016 the company has approximately 250,000 m² of greenhouses and around 30,000 m² accessory agricultural facilities which allow to better satisfy customers from all over Europe thanks to an assortment of over 2,000 items.

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